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5 Common Adobe Photoshop Mistakes

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular software which is widely used all over the world. There are several people who use this program constantly; but still they commit some very common mistakes.

In this article we have come across some common mistakes which are being made by some newbies; and as well as a few skilled designers.

Not Using Layers and Folders
This is one of the very common mistakes that many new designers usually do. They don’t create enough layers within their work.

At first, it looks all fine but as the project grows, it becomes very hectic and time consuming. That’s why proper layers and folders could save your precious time.

Layers make everything quite easy for designer. It allows you to edit duplicate or delete any part of psd files.

Not Using Shortcuts
There are several designers who are really good with their work; but still they take maximum time to come up with. To become a skilled Photoshop user, you don’t only have to be creative or good with work; but you have to create shortcuts to save time.

Not Using Grids and Guides
It looks pretty unprofessional if the shapes, texts or images are aligned very casually. This mistake could make the results even worst.

The best solution that can overcome this problem is to create grids and guides. They help designer to make object proper without any messy look.

Using Photoshop for Everything
As we all are aware that Photoshop is software which can be used for many purposes; but that doesn’t mean that it could be utilized for everything. It should be used for things which are meant for it.

Mixing Too Many Fonts
It’s also one of the common mistakes commit by so many designers. They usually use excessive amount of fonts which makes the object so repulsive. Make sure in using selective fonts that makes the object attractive.

To wrap up; these are the mistakes which most designers and newbies commit while using Photoshop. So, avoid using them and make a full use of this amazing software.