Golden Rules for Typography

Golden Rules for Typography
23rd May 2013
With hordes of websites available on the web space, it’s difficult to make your site stand out from the crowd. Typography is an important element that distinguishes one site from the other. So if you want to create a difference online, here are some golden typographic rules you should follow.

Establish Hierarchy
Hierarchy makes content scan-able and helps a reader go through it easily. It is a system that establishes an order of importance in data via size, weight, position, color and contrast, and enable readers absorb the important information and the rest.

Select suitable font size & type your grandma can read
Keep the readability factor in mind before choosing the font and font size for your text. Just because you can read the text of 11pt doesn’t mean everyone can read it. A size of 14pt is ideal for most websites; test it for your site too. Also choose fonts that create positive impact on readers. Request your grandma to read the copy, if she goes through it smoothly finalize it, else think about modifications.

Don’t create a mix plate
Too many strong fonts together can make your site awkward. Multiple fonts (unless they are used creatively) can distract readers. Don’t use more than 2 or 3 different fonts on your site.

Let your text breathe properly
White space gives a room to your website to breathe properly. Make sure there is sufficient white space between two lines, paragraphs so legibility is not affected.

Too much CAPS are not bad, they are worst
Big blocks of text in caps not only look ugly, they are difficult to read as well. Website owners use caps to draw attention to their content, but it disturbs the readers most of the time. Be cautious while choosing caps for your text, note that all typefaces are not readable in uppercase letters.

Set a limit for paragraphs
Setting a limit for paragraph is very important to keep the flow of readers. If a line is too long reader will lose the focus and if it is too short, it will appear like bullets. Ideal characters per line are between 40-60.